It has been a year….. A Dedication to Bernice

The Absence of You


It has been a year…..
Your smile and laughter is still so infectious
It continues to bring everyone overwhelming joy and peace
Your wisdom and kindness will always be remembered
For years to come
Down through the generations of families and friends
Your stories
Your history
Will be passed and retold as if they were new
Every touch of your hand filled with tenderness and love
That will radiate and impact so many lives and hearts
Where it will remain forever
It has been a year…..

RIP Grandma … I miss you.

It’s Been Such Long Time

OLTL Readers… How I have miss thee so!

I am well and excited to start blogging once again. So much has changed.  It’s funny how life takes over and before you know…. years have passed. I had not been shooting as much as I would have liked during my hiatus however I have a renewed commitment to begin sharing my journey back to photography.  So many stories….


Blog Update

Hello OLTL Readers…

I have decided to take a break from blogging. I am not sure of the duration of my absence but hopefully I will be back blogging soon.

Thank you all for your support, kind words and also for sharing a bit of your world with me. Hopefully you’ll all be here when I return.

Much Love to my WP Family



I want to disappear into the darkness
So I can’t see my reflection
My faults
All my imperfections
Let it engulf me so tightly
It takes away my pain, the scars
And releases the emptiness in my heart

I want to disappear into the darkness where I’ll be alone
Sadness gone
Where I’m finally home where I can be free
Where words can’t make me bleed like a fresh battle wound.
I’ve fought enough and my body is weakened now
No more I can endure

I want to disappear into the darkness
So I can’t see my reflection
My faults
All my imperfections
The illumination of them all has taken a toll on my mind body and soul.
Nothing seems to save me but the darkness

View At 50mm…

Hello OLTL Readers!

I have had a 50mm f/1.8 lens for some time but I have not used it much. Unfortunately, during a photography portraiture class (on studio lighting) we were requested to do so, if we had one. In addition, we had to shoot in manual mode. Can you imagine my discomfort still being an amateur. Side note: This is currently the only prime lens I own. Normally, I shoot with zoom lenses. So, I jumped in and wholeheartedly tried the exercises. I was pleasantly surprised with the results with both my 50mm lens and the use of studio lighting! Hmmmm… going shopping for studio lighting? Definitely!!

A few days after the class, I decided to practice using the 50mm lens and these are some of the photos taken.


_MG_9917For the month of August, I will challenge myself to continue to use this lens in Manual mode.

Anyone else want in on the challenge? Be sure to let me know in the comments!