Free As A Bird… (Kicking the Walls Down)

Remember when you were a young and didn’t have a care in the world; when you were free as a bird? Remember the days when you spent hours just being a kid waking up to watch your favorite Saturday morning cartoons and playing all day long without a single worry? Life was simple then. But as we emerge into adulthood, acquire our destined responsibilities, schedules, and routines, our childhood becomes just a nostalgic memory; one that we reminisce from time to time… when have time.

But sometimes life leaves us feeling broken-winged and stuck or¬†maybe even trapped. We often create walls around us out of fear… fear of change or fear of the unknown and therefore we unknowingly limit our true potential. I am certainly not an exception. What is it going take to feel free? The answer is simple… kick the walls down!

Diagnosis… Broken-winged¬†and trapped.

Treatment: Life Cleanse

Prognosis: Full recovery expected. May need to repeat treatment as needed.

Update: Life Cleanse in Progress


4 thoughts on “Free As A Bird… (Kicking the Walls Down)

  1. Fear has a purpose, a warning system for real danger….we probably wouldn’t be still walking around on the planet without it a healthy dose of it. It’s when we allow it to overtake us, to control what we do, limit our opportunities….especially our opportunities to love, that we must definitely kick it down.

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