Life Cleanse: Expunging the Meaningless

Hello everyone or better yet anyone who accidentally found this blog.

For those of you who have not read my post Free as a Bird…, I’m currently in the process of a life over-haul. It’s a new year and I am taking this life cleanse very seriously. Balance must be restored. I have begun what I would like to call “expunging the meaningless” i.e. spring cleaning. Yes, it is a bit early for spring cleaning we barely had our first snowfall. Nevertheless; it must be done. To accomplish this, I think a list is required. I am big on list-making. What would I do without them?

The question is; what should be considered meaningless? Let the list-making begin.

1. Friends who weren’t really friends but call you when they are bored. I thought this ended when you become an adult. Who new?
2. Clothing I bought that still has the tags on and are 4 sizes too small.  More than likely  I will not fit in them anytime soon. As Stacy & Clinton say: dress the body you have not the one you want! More on that later.
3. Ok let’s elaborate on #1 and add relationships which are emotionally, physically and mentally draining and exudes negativity. Yes, that’s more accurate.
4. Personality traits that are more harmful than good. There are times when you want to say “No” to someone but you feel that you can’t because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. However if the situation were reversed they would never do the same for you even if you pleaded “Pretty, Pretty Please”.

I am sure there’s more to add to this list but I think if I can accomplish at least these over the next few weeks, I am half way there. As they say, baby steps! Wish me luck and stay tune for the next Life Cleanse post!


3 thoughts on “Life Cleanse: Expunging the Meaningless

  1. Great list you have there! Yes, we all need life cleanses like this or as I call it “de-cluttering” and we have to do it with our minds as well. De-clutter and cleanse to make space for new experiences. 🙂
    The 4 things you mention on your list are on mine as well. Yeah, who knew you do get “friends” like that? And never mind bored..most of the times you only hear from them when they need something. It’s then like a “light bulb moment” for them. “Ooooh yeah, let me phone Sonel, she is always there!” LOL! And then you get to the “NO” part (no. 4) because that is a life lesson I had to learn in life…and they’re like “What? How can she say no? Her life must revolve around mine? How dare she?!!!” And then I go like : “Yeah, whatever!” LOL!
    Baby steps..yeah. Those baby steps….
    Great post! 🙂

    • Sonel, I was so moved by your comment. Thank you! I am Extremely grateful for you kind words and taking the to read my posts… Especially the older ones. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to leave a comment. You always get me to smile/laugh after either reading your posts or your after reading your comments on my blog. Thank you! 🙂

      Enjoy your day!!

      • You are very welcome sweetie and I make time once a week to read one blog and see all the posts or at least most of catch up. To me these blogs are written by real people with real feelings and all of you that I know have been so great and so wonderful that it’s only a pleasure catching up and reading everything. I am glad I can make you smile or laugh sweetie and after the day I had today, I certainly needed this comment as well, so thanks to you too hon! *big hugs* 🙂

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