2012 Resolutions

Resoluions…Two years ago if you had asked me how I felt about making New Year resolutions, I would have shared with you how much I loathe the idea of making goals that I know to be unattainable and pretend the previous year never happened. But to top it off, the goals made would end up partially achieved or not achieved at all by February or April if I’m lucky.

Well, it was December 31, 2011 and I decided for the first time that I would make one resolution; stop eating meat for a year. After about a month of making 90% my own lunches, the only issue became dinners. I never realized that so many of our dinner meals contained meat. Once you’ve eaten all types of pasta, beans, fish and salads, what was there other than more of the same? Yes, more of the same…. which I somehow began to love and couldn’t get enough of. Don’t get me wrong, I did miss eating meat for a while; especially burgers! But, if I wanted maintain my goal, I had to be strong.

Okay enough with the stalling. I know the anticipation is killing you… I had one occasion for the year where I slipped… well it was either eat it or go to bed hungry for rest of the night. And there, just that one small sliver of turkey was all it took to empty the contents of my stomach. That was the day I learned the importance of breakfast and unfortunately in the same day decided to eat a really early lunch.

So as for resolutions… I have only four for 2012!

  • Complete my Project365 for 2012 (unlike last year)
  • Love myself as I love others; unconditionally
  • Do something I would have never done last year (did that yesterday)
  • Travel to somewhere new

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