Just Some of My Favorite Things

Photo 4 of 365

Today is day 4 of Project365. It was yet another day not to venture outside. It was cold, raining, extremely cloudy and I am still under the weather. Tomorrow should be a better day for scouting. As I roamed from room to room in my apartment looking for something to photograph, it hit me when I saw my favorite lavender-scented candles. I love, love candles! Who needs electricity when you have candles… oh wait I do. I also love watching the Big Bang Theory! So, this post is dedicated to some of my favorite things…

My Canon Rebel T3i is becoming an extension of me. It goes with me just about everywhere. This photo was taken with my iPhone.

Who doesn't like chocolate? My sister-in-law makes the best chocolate cake! Just say YUM! Photo taken with a Kodak C330.

A Veggie Burger... Just the way I like it! Photo courtesy of the Food Network (love them too!)

When you come home from a long day and you want to relax, lighting a few candles always does the trick. These are my favorite lavender-scented candles. Photo taken with my Canon.

One of my favorite flowers.

The grace of a few birds captured with my Canon.


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