The Abandoned and Forgotten

Photo 8 of 365

I was feeling adventurous today. Today’s outing brought me to Princeton and then onto Trenton, NJ where I found these abandoned spots just off the main road. I imagined the story behind the history of these buildings and what they were like before they were engulfed by nature. It felt so peaceful there and it allowed me to take some time to reflect on the natural beauty of this earth.


6 thoughts on “The Abandoned and Forgotten

  1. Hey GREAT pics!! Love your blog. The Canon EOS Rebel T3 is what I’ve had my eye on for LONG time. I”m a huge fan of Canon…I’ve used several different basic digital cameras for years now and have yet to ‘upgrade’ to a $500+ camera. Canon has easy-to-use features. For now my little Canon PowerShot does the trick, but I’m SO over that! Ready for interchangable lenses!! Would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts on the T3i.

    • I have 3 words for you… Go get it! I spent a lot of time asking other DSLR users, going to different stores and researching on the internet. The amount of youtube videos I watched… oh my! They only made the decision that much harder since I originally wanted a Nikon. But a few bloggers really gave me some great advice. If you are familiar with DSLRs, you’ll have a greater advantage. I think the T3i is really easy to use considering my point & shoot was 7 or 6 years old. It’s easy to carry and feels comfortable to use. The only negative I have is the material it’s made out of but I’m over it! I am still learning about the DSLR world and all the techy terms in the manuals. My blog posts will be share my crazy adventures, mishaps etc. as I go. So, if you have any tips, please feel to share! Good luck and I hope this helps in your decision!

  2. haha thanks! Instead of just buying it, I keep asking around even though I KNOW deep down inside that this is the camera I want. I go into the stores and I ‘finger’ the camera…weird, yes. However, I always find something else I need to buy. It’s at the top of my wish list. I will live through you and your photos until I purchase mine. Keep the great pics coming!

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