100+ Themes and I Chose This One

“Oh I like this one and it has a multitude of colors that will be drawing to a reader’s eye.”

Hmmm… that was what I thought before I really began blogging. It’s been three solid months since then. I think I’ve learned a little bit more about the blogging world. I know you shouldn’t choose your theme solely based on how “pretty” it looks, it should also function for your topic, be user-friendly for your readers and lastly come with a sidebar. I actually know what that is now and regret that it has been missing from my blog’s life all this time. So, over the next few days, before I go back to work and become super busy with my other life; the one that is going to finance my new lens purchase, I am going to change my theme. I wish I was programmer and could create my own theme. Now that would be awesome!


2 thoughts on “100+ Themes and I Chose This One

    • Cara, thanks for the feedback and stopping by my blog. I haven’t changed the theme just yet. I am still searching for a new one that isn’t cluttered and still looks nice and functions the way I want it to.

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