For most, today is a day off from school or work. Every year I look forward to today. Sometimes I lose sight of the real purpose behind the celebration of this day. I make plans to go to the movies or just stay home and catch up on some extra sleep. And there are times when I sit silently and reflect. This year I will present to you my thoughts in a “neo-poem”.


This year I will be spending the day remembering…
Remembering the struggles of the civil rights movement, what we consider today as everyday rights; people fought and lost lives for so that we have the ability to possess and exercise them. I will be remembering the Dream and the promise and power that it holds. I will be remembering the love in strangers, friends and family in good times and in tragedy. I will be remembering peace. It is not a luxury afforded to all mankind, though it should be. Feedom. I will be remembering freedom. Not remembering what it’s like not be because I have always been free. Right now I am remembering that I have a voice; bold and strong. We all have that voice just waiting to be heard. Today I will be remembering life as it is not guaranteed. I will be remembering Martin Luther King Jr. when I think of me.

What will you remember today?


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