Snow Day in the City

Photos 22 of 365

Yesterday was out first snow and I didn’t to take as many pictures as I wanted to.  Today I thought I should try again. I drove downtown to see what was happening. And there’s always something. Everyone was out and about which simply translates to “No Parking”. I drove around waiting for an empty spot… Just waiting and circle the same 3 streets for an hour. I actually never found parking. Pulled to the side of the road (not within the required 50 ft. of the stop sign) but it was a spot nonetheless. I figured no one will tow my car on a Sunday with the hazard lights on and I was only standing 30 or 40 feet away. In a matter of minutes, I saw a police officer standing by my car. Okay, time to go! Can you imagine, I almost got a ticket! Thank goodness the police officer was really nice about it.

Here are some of the photos taken today. I also have a few B&Ws that I thought were a nice addition to the color photos which will be posted as well.

For all of my readers who are experiencing snow through my eyes, I will try to dedicate this week’s photos  to creating the series “Snow Days”, provided mother nature cooperates.



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