Two Triangles And A Cone Made Me Smile Today

Photo 25 of 365

Yesterday, the creative juices were not really flowing and I began to doubt whether or not I had the “Creative Eye”. Not only did I not feel creative; I felt that I was putting pressure on myself to get a great photo. The reminder of not completing this project yet another year loomed over my head like the single dark cloud that rained on Charlie Brown and no one else. Hmm… was it Charlie Brown or another cartoon character? Ok, I digress.  So today I decided to stop scouting for photos and just let it happen. A fellow photographer, blogger and friend wrote about this very subject and got me to thinking… He’s absolutely right! The moment I stopped scouting and really began looking for the art and beauty in my surroundings, I will find a great photo… or at least one that I think is great.

With that said, from today I will challenge myself to really looking for the art and beauty in my surroundings as that is truly the creative eye when I can capture it all in a photo!

The below photo was taken as I passed  a parking lot on the way to the market. I couldn’t help but smile. A little humor can make you smile for the rest of the day; and indeed I did! I hope this photo will do the same for you.


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