Trinkets and Keepsakes

Photo 26 of 365

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. But because she works in New York and has a long commute home, she decided to celebrate her birthday over the weekend. While visiting, I  noticed she added something new to the coffee table. She embraces change more than most people I know. With each visit, I find a new accent accessory added to her collection of what I call trinkets and keepsakes. Trinkets would be the items I loved when she first purchased them and somehow later lose the love and would put away in a closet (far, far int eh back) or donate. Then there are the keepsakes. My favorites. They are the things that I adore and would want to keep for myself… and sometimes do. At some point, she’ll visit my house and notice it and just smile. Translation… the kid sister is leaving with a keepsake of her own.

The below photo was taken in color as well as black and white. I am partial to black and white photos, so I chose this one for today’s post.

I hope that you all enjoy it.


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