The Liebster Blog Award… For Me?

Nominated for the Liebster Blog Award… Really?

WOW!!! Thank you Googsy’s Photography for the nomination. It really means a great deal that you thought my blog be nominated! I am fairly new to blogging and photography so I have to admit that I had to google what the award was. Now that I have, I am even more grateful for the nomination!

The Liebster Blog Award

Not to sound cheesy, but I created this blog to inspire and challenge myself and others to really live our lives to the fullest. My intension is to inspire every reader in some way; and it really doesn’t have to be life-changing but just enough to leave a memorable impact that will last as long as the reader wants it to.This blog has been an adventure thus far and I am glad my readers are enjoying it as much as I am! I hope to continue to posts that inspire my subscribers or even those that just stop by to browse.

And now for my nominees for the Liebster Award!!!

This was really difficult to choose just 5 blogs. But here goes….

Googsy’s Photography This is a wonderfully creative photographer with a great eye for capturing beautiful moments. I have been so inspired by this blog!

XD Photography – I  really was amazed by this blog.  The author is very talented and passion about his craft. The photography on this blog is awesome! But really what kept me inspired was the honesty of his posts; the “realness”; if you will.

Moments Clicked I enjoy this blog for the trips I take without even leaving home. She captures moments of life as they happen and that is one of the beauties of photography.

…things I love I think Alex and I are twins. Her About Me post was great and ultimately led me to subscribe.  Then I saw the photos! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I love that she is so passionate about life and her work and it really shows in her photos and writing style!

Tutus, Tomatoes and T-Shirts Casey Taylor’s blog Tutus, Tomatoes and T-Shirts has a wonderful blog with charming stories and great “real-life” photography.

And one last thing to all of my nominees… Keep up the great work!


7 thoughts on “The Liebster Blog Award… For Me?

  1. Wow, thank you so much for the mention and the very kind words. This was completely unexpected. Let me say that I enjoy your work here and I really, REALLY, like the title of your blog. I also look forward to checking out your other nominees!

    And YOU keep up the good work as well!

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