A Peaceful State of Mind

After leaving work today, I decided not to go straight home but somewhere where I can sit quietly, enjoy nature and reflect on the week’s events. I had the perfect place in mind. There is a park not to far from where I work that is very peaceful and great for relaxing. So that is where I headed.

I sat quietly and watched the birds fly from tree to tree, the dedicated runners passing by each time they complete a lap, the squirrels gathering food and chasing one another and the sweet elderly couple that stops by the park every Friday; well, that is every Friday that I am there. One of these days I am going to get the courage to ask them if I can photograph them. Each time that I visit the park,they seem more in love than the last. I sat on that park bench for over an hour just enjoying nature. I felt refreshed and ready to enjoy the remaining hours of daylight.

I tried to capture the peaceful state of mind that I felt so that I could share it all with you on this wonderful Friday. Happy Friday!  I hope you enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “A Peaceful State of Mind

  1. Oh this is soo amazing, i can just imagine the amount of peacefulness one can feel just by watching this water cross by, letting all your tensions worries and the work load of the day wash away with it. (apart from the warm weather)
    Amazing! 🙂

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