Capturing the Early Morning Snowfall

It was 6:29 AM and my vision was still a bit fuzzy. I stretched my arms and gave my eyes a gentle rub to regained focus. Once I did, I noticed that it was snowing and that I fell asleep in my contacts… again. I love watching the snow fall because when it’s all said and done; the beautiful blanket of white that it creates is even more wonderous to photograph.

Below is a photo of the snow-covered abandoned train that I once thought was an eyesore. Snow makes everything so much more beautiful!

And a view of the snow-covered trees…

Normally I am not wake this early on a Saturday. I try to reserve weekends for sleeping in and big breakfasts that I miss during the week. I admit I had to get a few more hours of sleep after I took these photos. But I am fully awake now and ready to venture outside to capture the beauty of nature beyond my small balcony. More postings to come later today!


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