A Heart-Warming Story

I wanted to share this heart-warming story recently posted by Lead.Learn.Live. After reading this post, I felt so saddened by the world we live in. Desensitization has taken its hold on the human race and left many of us as shells of our former selves. Take a minute and watch the news. Can you recollect how many stories like this are aired? It is disheartening when someone like this individual leaves us too soon.

The sentiment of “Who Will Cry at Your Funeral” is the reason why I began Onelifethislife. I want to live a life that not only positively impacts those in my life but also those who I may not know. I hope that you enjoy reading David’s post as much as I did.

Original Article written by Mike Myatt- http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikemyatt/2012/02/16/who-will-be-crying-at-your-funeral/

Live & Learn

Forbes: Mike Myatt – Who Will Be Crying At Your Funeral?

“…I attended a memorial service last week for a 23-year-old man whose life ended far too soon – it was a much different scenario than the one depicted in the opening paragraph above. The service was a true celebration of a remarkable, albeit tragically short life. The deceased was a gifted and accomplished man who spent his short time on this planet investing in others, building into those who needed it the most, and serving those who others often ignored.

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3 thoughts on “A Heart-Warming Story

  1. I sincerely hope no one will cry at my funeral…if there even is a funeral. My knowledge of what goes on after my death will be the same as my knowledge of what went on before my birth….none, no knowledge or awareness of it. While I have interest in history, and deep curiosity of the future….my time is now, only now.

  2. Women usually outlive the men in their lives, and I have a feeling that my wife will outlive me. The only thing that bothers me about that is that I’m pretty sure that she’ll be devastated when I’m gone. I don’t want her to experience any sadness in life whatsoever.

    • Thank you for leaving your comment. Unfortunately, the natural emotions of grieve will take over and as much as we don’t want our love ones to feel pain in any way; we really cannot shield them from it. Celebrate every day like it was your last. In times of sorrow that’s what will motivate them to carry on.

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