My View of the Church

Since, I have began taking photos again this year, I have really started to notice my surroundings as snapshots of time. I can remember, as a child, I wanted to make a soundtrack of my life. For every song I chose, I would have a memory connected to it. I could also tell you exactly where I was when I first heard that particular song, what I was doing and even what I was wearing. I say this to say, this project isn’t any different; except for the time span. This time next year, I can scroll through these posts and review the memories all over again. By the way, Project Soundtrack is still in the making.

Today’s photo was actually taken yesterday. I have driven by this church at least a thousand times but not once did I really notice its beauty. I decided right there and then that this would be today’s photo … well yesterday’s photo  but I think you know what I mean.  top And there you have it… a beautiful afternoon sky and a view looking at the church through my eyes.

I returned home from a very busy day of running errands and just decided to curl up into bed for the night. This was one of my finds yesterday. More to come later on yesterday’s and today’s scout!

I hope that you enjoy!

P.S. I finally decided to start learning how to use the editing tools that came with my Canon. Thought about straigtening it but I decided not to. I wanted to capture the photo. just as I saw it through the lens. So, I’ll just be using it to add text for now!


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