Yesterday, I went to on a scout which placed me further than anticipated.  I somehow found myself in Camden, NJ. The city of Camden is located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has quite an interesting story.

Not give a history lesson, but to my amazement, Camden was an economic and transportation focal point for the nearby Philadelphia region prior to the 19th century. It was after the 19th century that Camden began to decline. There were riots throughout the city and as a result looters ran rampant and buildings were torched. These remnants are still visible today. I was disheartened, to say the least, that such a vibrant economic city can now feel so depressing and lack hope. Don’t get me wrong, there are areas of Camden which are much different from the photo I have shared. There are parts of Camden that have plenty to offer but then there are other areas that are in a state of distress.

I intend on revisiting Camden to learn and see more of the city than I did on this trip. There is a wonderful Aquarium and the shipyard that I would like to visit during the next trip. For more photos of this trip, please check out my Flickr link!


7 thoughts on “SOS

      • Oh my, I am glad you call them “normal” nature shots. I call them stunning! You are an excellent photographer and I love all your captures. Maybe you should mix them or just make certain days for certain shots…but please, don’t venture from your nature shots. They are stunning! 🙂

      • Sonel, thank you so much! That means a great deal! The nature photos are more accessible to me due to my surrounding towns but I will definitely mix it up a bit. I want to present a diverse set of photos that will appeal to anyone; since there may be times when certain photos won’t appeal to everyone. Thanks again for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Keep it coming! 🙂

    • I would also like to thank you for visting Onelifethislife and commenting on “SOS.”. I was looking for more posts on your wordpress blog but I will definitely take a look at your tumblr. Do you post most of your content there?

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