Today was a long day. I left work later than normal in the attempts to meet a looming deadline. I finally wrapped up what I had been working on around at 6 PM and realized I still needed to take a photo for the day. I became a bit nervous since I have not successfully taken many photos at night with the Canon. I refused to use my iPhone (my back-up plan) to take today’s photo.

It was now 6:49 and 4 photos in, I became weary. None of the photos I had taken were acceptable to me. “One more and then I’m heading home”, I said silently and encouragingly. I drove past last street before entering onto the highway, stood at the light and waited for it to change. I saw a man walking slowly, crossing the street with limp, looking as tired as I did. I grabbed the camera just as the light changed and snapped a photo. “Oh, please be a decent photo!” And I guess it was. So here is today’s photo….



7 thoughts on “Homebound

  1. I love the lighting in this one, and the deep shadows. Maybe it would have been a plus if the man had stepped more into the light when you released the shutter but then again, in street photography you never know if the person will position themselves in an aesthetically preferred way. It’s the spontenaity of the moment that make the image most impressive, and this image is most impressive.

    • I agree with you completely. I had a matter of seconds to make that decision and I should of went with my instincts and waited a few seconds more. But I am pleased with the shot for the simple reason you can actually see it clearly and I didn’t have to do major editing other than adding my signature. I try not to edit my photos. Since I am new at photography, I want the photos to reflect what I see through the lens at the time the photo is taken. At some point I will take a class to learn how to edit a photo correctly but I am having fun and enjoying what my camera has to offer… If that makes sense.

  2. I like the contrast too – also, the scene looks deserted until you look carefully and see the figure there. I kinda like that “hidden” aspect to it. Nicely done 🙂

    Is that beam of light on the right from the traffic signal?

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