Feels Like Summer

Today’s Photo: Feels Like Summer

Today was a great day. I woke up feeling rested and filled with anticipation to begin my weekend photo scout! But first I wanted make sure that I had everything I needed. Extra battery … check. Extra memory card…check. Charger… check. Bottle of water… check. Great 80’s music… priceless! It was like the stars were all aligned and everything was right with the world. Now, that is an amazing feeling! I spent a wonderful afternoon with family just reminiscing our childhood days of simple living and fun while my cousin ran a few errands. For a change, I wasn’t trying to drive and take photos with my iPhone while stopped a red light. So, I was able to not only relax and be a passenger but I also had a chance to take photos.

Today’s photo reminded me of a cool summer day, minus the tree on the left without leaves. It was something about this house that grabbed my attention in mid-sentence that I had get my cousin to slow down so that I could get the shot. It just spoke to me! Maybe I am just ready for summer to get here.



4 thoughts on “Feels Like Summer

  1. Really like this shot. Makes me think of an album cover for some country band, or coming in after a day of work in the wheat fields…what a story it could tell…

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