The Beauty of Life

The beauty and wonders of the earth and sky never ceases to amaze me. The grace of its movements
The colors of its being
Leaves me speechless at times.
I am surrounded with it all
Here and now
Each and every day
Basking in its beauty and grace
Feeling loved
Being thankful.


Happy Monday!!



10 thoughts on “The Beauty of Life

  1. this world, the earth definitely gives us alot more then we can see, all it has to offer us is love and lots n lots of it, n we shud love it in return:)

  2. Stunning! I am always amazed by the colours of the skies and how quickly it can change. Beautiful photo! πŸ™‚

    • My iPhone does take great photos doesn’t it. πŸ™‚ I actually took this on the way to work from the car… as usual. I wanted to use my canon but I was running late and would of required me to stop the car. 😦 I should have because I sat in traffic for a half hour after that.

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