Inspiration: Pretty In Pink

Today, I was a warm spring day; one of many this week. I had a moment to spare out of my busy work schedule to capture a few photos. It seems that Spring is so much more beautiful this year than past years. On second thought, maybe it has always been beautiful, however I was just too busy to notice. Whatever the reason, I am grateful to see its beauty everywhere and that I have begun to take time to revel in it!

Below are the photos captured today. Enjoy and stay tuned for the View From My Car Photo of the day!



14 thoughts on “Inspiration: Pretty In Pink

  1. Thanks for finding my blog. Magnolias are indeed a very beautiful tree. But they’re a lot of work too, because they shed 4 different things: the bud coverings before the blooming starts, the petals after the blooming begins, the short stem that was inside the buds, and then the leaves in the fall. Here’s a picture from my back patio a few days ago, with a few words about the petals:

    Thanks for all the great shots on your blog.

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