Waiting: A View From My Car

Today’s Photo Theme: Waiting

Have you ever had the feeling of envisioning a scene in your head and saying, ” Now this would be a cool shot!” Okay, maybe not in those exact words but you got the point, right? Well, it has been occurring more often lately. I saw this man standing there reading his paper and waiting for someone or some thing to continue on with his travels. Maybe a bus or an old friend… The story has so many plausible options.

This photo was originally taken in color with my iPhone. I noticed that I’ve neglected my first true love, Black & White photograghy: I thought I would edit the photo on Instagram (my new app fave) and share it with world. Oh yeah, you can now see more of Onelifethislife on Instagram! Okay… now back to the scheduled program… I finished up by adding my signature using my Canon software and saved it.

And that’s it folks!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!



6 thoughts on “Waiting: A View From My Car

    • I guess both would apply depending on if the previous black and white street photos were “Street-enough.” 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and thoughts as always!! They are very appreciated!

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