It’s not what it appears…

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Live & Learn

A friend (thanks GP) shared a Financial Times article titled “Reasons to Be Cheerful. Seriously.”  The article struck a chord.  I read another similar themed article called “Defying the Doomsayers” in a book review in the Wall Street Journal.

Turn on the TV or radio or read the newspaper and you have a deluge of darkness.  Joblessness. Poverty. Politics.  Iran.  Afghanistan.  Kony. Poaching.  Extinction of endangered species.  Deforestation of rainforests.  Racism. Global Warming.  Violent crime.  Hazings. Gas Prices. Poor test results for U.S. high school students.  Cheating on college entrance exams.  Steroid use. Corruption.  Terrorism.  Medicinal commercials for depression, constipation, virility, hair loss, anxiety, ADD and on and on and on.  Is it any wonder that we are the most fully medicated generation to have existed?

As the FT article states: “If it bleeds, it leads” (the news broadcasts).  One might conclude from the media that…

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10 thoughts on “It’s not what it appears…

  1. Abstract?Hhmm,no…Interesting?..Yes,very interesting!…The message is very clearly and the photographer have a great imagination and good eye !

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