A Lazy Day Sunday

Today was just one of those Sundays that I didn’t want to really venture out; but I had to. I couldn’t bear the fact that all I had to photograph was the abandoned train and the blooming trees. I think we have all seen enough of the train; at least for now anyway. I also didn’t want to start a sneeze fest either!

I decided to stay local today. I was on the way home from the market when I decided to take a shortcut to avoid the construction, traffic and the upcoming traffic light. Some lights are just too long and today was not the day I felt like I should wait. I made a turn down what I thought was the shortcut to another road which would also take me home. Consequently, the road was blocked and detour signs were everywhere. Okay. I decided, instead of turning around, I would follow the brightly colored detour signs. Now, we are cooking with gas!

It’s been 17 minutes. I should have been home by now. Maybe this wasn’t a shortcut after all. To my surprise, I discovered something I have not seen for some time now….

                                                     COWS… I SAW COWS!!

I was filled so much excitement, you would have thought I had never seen cows before. Well, truth be told; I have. I was on a fairly busy road, due to the detour, but I managed to get a few photographs of the cows. At some point, a few of them began to mosey on over to have their 15 minutes of fame… and that’s when I was…

You got it…. I was MOOONED!

What a Sunday!!


13 thoughts on “A Lazy Day Sunday

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