A Lazy Day Sunday

Today was just one of those Sundays that I didn’t want to really venture out; but I had to. I couldn’t bear the fact that all I had to photograph was the abandoned train and the blooming trees. I think we have all seen enough of the train; at least for now anyway. I also didn’t want to start a sneeze fest either!

I decided to stay local today. I was on the way home from the market when I decided to take a shortcut to avoid the construction, traffic and the upcoming traffic light. Some lights are just too long and today was not the day I felt like I should wait. I made a turn down what I thought was the shortcut to another road which would also take me home. Consequently, the road was blocked and detour signs were everywhere. Okay. I decided, instead of turning around, I would follow the brightly colored detour signs. Now, we are cooking with gas!

It’s been 17 minutes. I should have been home by now. Maybe this wasn’t a shortcut after all. To my surprise, I discovered something I have not seen for some time now….

                                                     COWS… I SAW COWS!!

I was filled so much excitement, you would have thought I had never seen cows before. Well, truth be told; I have. I was on a fairly busy road, due to the detour, but I managed to get a few photographs of the cows. At some point, a few of them began to mosey on over to have their 15 minutes of fame… and that’s when I was…

You got it…. I was MOOONED!

What a Sunday!!



13 thoughts on “A Lazy Day Sunday

  1. Ah, those were the days, gentle walks in the countryside, breathing in the fresh cool air, watching the cows and sheep meandering through the fields……..And then I woke up in China 🙂 I love this post 🙂

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