Black and White Architecture

Black and White Architecture

Something about this building reminds me of Europe even though I have never been. I was drawn to its texture and style. I hope that you enjoy it as well. I think a wide-angle lens would have made this more appealing. What are your thoughts? Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.



15 thoughts on “Black and White Architecture

  1. Yes, a wide angle would have made a good difference, especially for architecture, it would have added perspective and more of the building.

  2. I more or less agree with the comments: a wider angle, and perhaps a bit more contrast, would make it easier for who doesn’t know the building to get a feel for it. Perhaps a series of shots, to give a sense of context?

    Still, I love the texture there.

      • WOW! You have to love all the really cool feedback you’re getting on this!

        I don’t know much about photography….and always go with what’s visually appealing to me. I also think cemferreira has great suggestions….and a series of shots would definitely give more of a sense of context.

      • I am so thrilled everyone chimed in with their thoughts! I thought it was great! I have a similar thought, “when in doubt, make it pretty.” :} But I really enjoyed reading everyone’s viewpoint. The pointers were great!

  3. Hi, I can see why you were drawn to this particular structure and I would like to suggest that cropping out the partial window shapes at left side and bottom of image might result in a a stronger image with a bit more impact. Keep shooting 🙂 all the best

  4. I like the white balance, I like the reflection in the central window,I like the photography angle but what I dont like is the composition (there are some elements who could miss all or had to fit them better, maybe whit more zoom or CROP)! But, hey, this is just my opinion, the main characteristic of photography is the subjectivity! ……..sorry for my english,I´am beginner….

  5. It does have a European feel and it could have gone either way, a wide angle or cropping out the partial view of the other window because the main subject or what captures my eye is that wonderful reflection in that window and the fact that the contrast caused by the aging structure draws the eye upwards. A very nice composition of for a black and white process!

  6. Thanks for all the feedback!! I appreciate everyone taking time out to share their thoughts. 🙂 After reading your comments and looking at the photo a bit more, cropping would make it a stonger photo! I will definitely attempt this photo again in the near future while taking everyone’s comments into consideration.

    Thanks again!

  7. I also like your choice of building. Perhaps another cropping idea would be to crop in camera your image so the right edge of the picture is parallel with the edge of the building. I would perhaps crop it at the building’s edge and bring in more of the building on the left side of the picture. Good white balance and contrast.

  8. I like the texture in this building. Have you tried a square crop, chopping off the lighter parts on the right altogether? Light parts of any image tend to draw the viewers eye. In this case you want people to look at the building, not the empty space on the right. Also, i am craxy about making shots ‘punchy’ and would go heavier on curves and levels snd sharpening on this.

    Are you able to go back and shoot some more of this building? You could do a collage of different angles. Sorry…. I’m getting carried away now. I do like the original shot.

    These are just the thoughts of one person. Everyone has their own style. You may not agree with my suggestions. Either ways, Keep shooting! Loving your blog.

    What do you think?

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