The Brick City Stroll (Part I)

I decided to take a stroll through the city of Newark this afternoon. By “stroll” I really mean a sightseeing drive. It was a beautiful day with a bit of a cool breeze. I found this great abandoned building that was once was a varnishing company. I love the architectural design of the building. The factory was built in the 1800s and was owned by Franklin Murphy. I am not trained in architectural design but I thought the design was very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and had great lines and detail work. It simply begged to be photographed. So, I had to oblige.

In the interest of time, I needed to wrap up my Brick City “Stroll”. I intend to return on a another day to complete the my scout. But before leaving the city for the day,  I had to enjoy a great meal at a Portuguese restaurant in the Ironbound section. Nothing beats that for wonderful ending to a day.





9 thoughts on “The Brick City Stroll (Part I)

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