The Brick City Stroll (Part II)

Hello again everyone! I thought I would share the additional photos from my stroll. I hope that you enjoy them and stay tuned for the finale post of the Brick City Stroll!




8 thoughts on “The Brick City Stroll (Part II)

  1. Awesome shots. There is something very eerie about abandoned urban and industrial areas that makes for excellent photography. Really like these.

  2. I’m not suprised how so many edifices of Newark are the same as many old brick buildings in downtown Hamilton. You’ll even see this work as far south as Houston, TX, and of course in England. It’s really neat to see regardless.

    It’s like seeing a parallel universe. It’s clear just how prolific the architectural standards of that bygone era actually were.

    • I wanted to change this photo to sepia because I wasn’t thrilled with the color version nor the black and white either. And love love black and white. So you can imagine may dismay. 🙂 I am much happier with the sepia effect.

      Thank you for your sharing your thoughts on the series.

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