The Brick City Stroll (Part III)

Last week I took a “stroll” through Newark and found a few interesting buildings. The architectural designs of these building is amazing to view in person. They were constructed with such detail and durability. I enjoyed my brief stroll and will be back to feature a few of the forgotten historical sites in this city.

If you are just joining the journey, I am afraid you have met us at the end… but you can  surely view the stroll (or repeat the stroll, if you’d like) by clicking on the below links.

Brick City Stroll (Part I) and Brick City Stroll (Part II)

Without further adieu… I present the finale of The Brick City Stroll. Enjoy!

…And here is a large stack of bricks. Maybe the city has plans to build something new.




7 thoughts on “The Brick City Stroll (Part III)

    • Thank you for the compliment! It wasn’t much editing involved. I must admit my skills are somewhat non-existent when it comes to editing. 🙂 So there isn’t a big secret behind door #3! The original photo was taken in color but I converted it to Sepia, did some changes to the contrast and added my signature using the Canon software which came with my camera. That’s it! Hope that helps.

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