A Nature Walk: Through the Woods

Today’s Photo: Stumped

I decided to incorporate a bit of exercise in with my photo scouting trips. The car stays parked today! I grabbed my comfortable walking shoes, iPhone and my Canon and headed to the door. Onward with the walk! This was an amazing feat for me because I experience with sporadic nerve pain in both legs which makes it very difficult to walk; even short distances. I was determined to get out there. About a quarter-mile in, I began to feel pain. I couldn’t give up now. I was almost there… or maybe I was there. After taking a few seconds to rest, I glanced over to the woody area across the street and noticed a few fallen trees and the ordinary stump above.

As I moved in to get a closer view through the viewfinder, I began to notice the intricate cracks in the wood and the splitting bark. Down went the shutter button. I immediately reviewed the photo and decided that this was going to be the photo for the day!

Now the question became, should this photo be converted to  black and white (which I am partial to) or color? I really couldn’t decide so I decided to post both!

This day ended perfectly. I got a full mile in (with a few rest stops) and a photo that I really like! Maybe I’ll try this again tomorrow. Stay tuned…



15 thoughts on “A Nature Walk: Through the Woods

  1. I prefer the b&w as it brings out more of the interesting details. In color, the stump is brown and the background is brown and it all gets lost. But as you can see, you CAN please everyone, just keep up both shots!! LOL Photography is wonderful and what is important is what YOU like!

  2. I loooove b/w photography but I think this looks best in colour. I don’t think the stump disappears at all. If necessary, mask the stump and slightly make the background darker than it.

    You certainly shot it at a good angle.

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  4. Hmmm….’as is’ on your blog page the black and white seems much more interesting, but when I click to enlarge them….the browns of the second one are absolutely amazing! Either way, great work!

  5. Walking to woods and spot great details to shoot is so entertaining. I prefer the photo in color although generally I prefer B&W. The colored photo draws my attention because of the cleared details in the wood nerves.

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