The Escape Route


This photo was taken with my iPhone. I’m not sure exactly what drew me to this fire escape other than the color, shadows and it’s wavy bars.


20 thoughts on “The Escape Route

  1. I’ve always liked this sort of abstract. It’s just interesting visuals. Doesn’t always have to be people or critters or scenics…

  2. The scene itself tells a great story. The image looks aged like from the 60s and the tinting and bruising look helps that along. The manmade wavy bars contrast and also force a distinct relationship with the shadows of the branches — themselves wavy. The lead lines of the upper ladder follow directly with the shadow of the main trunk of the tree. This characteristic keeps people’s eyes circling back through the image. The two out of focus areas also force the eyes back to the center from lingering on the outer edges.

    I think this is a great image. Very marketable in less commercial markets — probably stick to art stock with this one. But with all that you have going on here, it’s definitely fluid and well lit shot that clearly freezes in time the nature vs. man scenario and tells a story of confrontation yet leaves the viewer at peace. All very good items to have in a landscape like this.

    I try to capture these elements, too. Come take a look at

    • Cyle, this comment is a masterpiece! 😀 I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this photo. It was very insightful! You saw so much more than was intended. Please know I was blown away… In a really good way! 🙂

      I never thought to market any of my photos; as this began as a therapeutic process in which to heal the broken parts of my life. Once the journey has served its purpose, maybe I’ll consider doing so. But thank you! I’ll take that as a compliment to my work. It’s an awesome compliment which really threw me for a loop after reading it. I just thought “Wow… I’m truly honored!”

      Thank you Cyle! You made my day… Maybe even my week! Enjoy!!


      • No worries. But I can tell you that it would do well in the right circle. I have always been more ‘journalistic’ in my photography, but I can appreciate the art world too. Oh, and I got your email. Thanks, and I will get you the link soon — had a site issue on the server that might take me a few days to fix. But I haven’t forgotten about ya!

      • Cyle, thanks for responding. I really appreciate your comments. It helps me to be a better photorapher. OMG… when did I become a photographer? lol.

        And thanks for the update on the link! Have a good one!

    • Thanks for visiting. Following this philosophy has brought tremendous happiness, peace, inspiration and hope to my life. It feels like a gift to awake every morning to see another day. Not many see life that way… Me included at one point. So thank you again for visiting. I hope you’ll visit again! 🙂



    • Hi Irfan! I have to pay tribute to the Instagram app for the post processing. It’s quite a nifty app. Okay… I know no one says “nifty” anymore but it’s what popped in my head! 😀 I love the retro 50s-70s look which is what I was trying to convey. I am glad that you enjoyed the photo. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts on this photo.



  3. I have always been a country dweller at heart and now live in a small town now, though it does not make me a country boy by any means, but lived for years just outside the center of a large city. One of my favorite places to escape to when visiting my downtown dwelling friends was the fire escape. So next to climbing a tree for solace the fire escape ranks up there as a pretty cool place to be (unless there is a fire of course!)
    Nice shoot and Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi there! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your story having grown up on the outskirts of many cities. I think we all have a “secret escape” or even just an escape route. As a child, my escape route was my closet. It big enough that I could sit with a pen light and write poetry or sketch what was on my mind at the time; but not big enough to call it a walk-in. Then there was the fire escape. We lived in the city for a short time. I wasn’t allowed out there but I would go anyway (sneakily of course) for a few moments of silence against the dull roar of the city to quiet my mind and escape. Ironically it helped! Now as an adult, I just drive to wherever my heart leads…

      Your comment bought back some great memories! Thanks!



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