The Butterfly Sighting

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter! I had a wonderful Easter! I had the Easter Bunny visit me with her offspring in training on the eve of Easter. How ironic! The photo however was not as successful as I had hoped. It was taken at night. If you don’t already know, I have limited skills in that arena but I am working on it.

Oh, wait there is more… I also rested and I went for walks. Okay, I hobbled. Nerve damage is certainly a damper sometimes but not today; I won’t let it. The sound of birds chirping their little hearts out and the warm sunshine made all the pain bearable. I decided to venture back to the wooded area by my house to explore what I may have missed. There were robins and little brown birds with long tails* flying from branch to branch and then to the ground for food. It all became surreal when I saw a little yellow butterfly. She fluttered around me as if the intent was to make me dizzy and she did; then fluttered away. This little creature was no better than the cow that moooned me! In case you missed that post, this cow was caught on camera behaving badly!

The moment I got a glimpse, of what I thought was a leaf , turned out to be the beautiful butterfly above, I knew this was the photo I wanted. I guess when you’re nearsighted and not wearing contacts, you tend to see things differently… or not at all.  🙂 This beauty stayed still long enough for the shutter button to capture its photo. Thank Goodness!!


Stay tuned for more photos from this nature walk and the “A View From My Car (AVFMC)” photo series postings this week.



17 thoughts on “The Butterfly Sighting

  1. Love!! I saw some butterflies today out in the yard with the kids but didn’t have my camera. I’m definitely taking it out tomorrow.

    And I love your description…one life….:-)

  2. love the post, love the photo, and love the way you write. thanks for sharing
    looking forward to more photos…I can never get enough of photographing (and enjoying being in) Nature as my blog reflects these days as well
    with love light and JOY

    • Jane, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and kind words! I feel the same way about photographing nature and being present in nature’s surroundings. Seems that we have some things in common. I try to write in such a way that the readers can get a sense of the true me in that moment. Hopefully by the end of the post I can inspire a reader or even just make them smile or laugh; is always a good thing. That’s what brings me joy!

      Thanks again for the visit and feel free to stop by anytime. 🙂

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  4. Erk, you put me to shame and also inspire me! I want to write and observe like you do! Thanks, it helps to see how someone else does “it”! 🙂

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