Where Did Everyone Go?

Today’s Photos: Where Did Everyone Go?

These photos were inspired by a love of “The Abandoned.” It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as forecasted; filled with sunshine and an occasional warm breeze. I went for a drive since my nerves were being a bit of pain (hahaha). So much for exercise. Okay, I know I shouldn’t laugh at my own jokes but I thought it was funny. That’s one of the quirky things about me if you haven’t already noticed.

Back to the photos… I went to pay a visit to the farm where I first found the not-so-friendly cows…yeah I am not letting that one go just yet… to see if the horses were out and about. No such luck! As the saying goes… “Carpe Diem” and I should add… C’est La Vie because now the beautiful horses are gone and I didn’t get the photo I wanted. But all is not lost. I found this….

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I was very apprehensive about driving up the driveway any closer but I’m glad I did. I walked around the property and surveyed the abandoned lot. It was not longer after I began taking photos (photo titled Curiosity), I started hearing some very creepy sounds. It sounded like person moaning… very creepy!! I stepped back for a better listen and there was that sound again. Whatever it was, it was definitely time to go! 🙂 I am was not sticking around to hear the sound for a third time. So hobbled quickly to the car and jetted out of there! You know what they say about curiosity… well this cat only has one life…this life! (heeeehee). Come on… I had to laugh this time!

I’ll always have the memories and that’s plenty enough for me! I hope that you will enjoy the photos from today’s outing! Until next time…



13 thoughts on “Where Did Everyone Go?

  1. Whahahaha! I wanted to see your face when you heard those creepy sounds. LOL! Well, you did a great job of capturing the beauty of that old barn for sure hon. Creepy or not! It reminds me of the barn that Clarke Kent lived in. What a stunning place that would be if they fix it up hey? Stunning! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing sweetie and it seems the outing worked for the nerves. It always works for me too. LOL!
    *big hugs*

  2. I’ve been wanting to do a photo essay on dereliction for a while. Thanks for sharing, really inspiring.

  3. In college I went through a phase where all my scrapbook pictures were people-less, I called it The Remnants of People photos. Lots of chairs in cafes with left over trash, momentarily abandoned books, coffee mugs… I can identify which friend should have been in which photo by what was left behind. This series made me think of that.

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