Straight Ahead: A View From My Car


Enjoy the view!



12 thoughts on “Straight Ahead: A View From My Car

    • Usually, I pull over or I am in the car with someone. Today, I had a friend in the car so I was able to get a good photo while she drove about 10 mph. This was after switching places and deciding who was going to take the photo. 🙂 I also have a cell phone holder that I place on the dashboard when forget my ear piece. It comes in handy for other purposes as you can see!!

  1. Stunning! Strange view though because we drive on the left side of the road..hee hee
    Thanks for sharing hon and have a stunning day!

  2. And yet another person besides me who takes photos from the car! I love that!!! Best be the passenger though. I do this all the time! You would be surprised at how many decent shots one can get from merely driving around.

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