…And Then Came the Rain

The skies darken

To a shade of charcoal grey.

The clouds move across the sky like angry men

And the once perfect blueness fades away.

The storm melody begins.

A natural arrangement of harmonious tones

Are carried by the winds as they begin to blow

Through the limbs of trees causing their leaves to tremble.

Swaying them violently without care,

Again and again to its rhythm

The sound of rumbles draw near.

 And are joined to the symphony of music.

It’s closing in.

Becoming more and more beautiful and melodic.

Bright lights flash across the sky.

But before the crescendo

Nature gave us one last rumble…and then came the rain.


This photo was taken while walking home from an evening walk a few weeks ago.


14 thoughts on “…And Then Came the Rain

  1. This is one of my favorites of all the photographs I’ve seen you post here. The framing is perfect and I love the drama. Also..well done on the poetry. I love that you can, quite skillfully, combine the two. I also like that this was taken walking home. Did the poem also come while walking…or later?

    • Thanks for you comment and your kind words. Parts of the poem was drafted while walking home and the remainder came as I completed the post yesterday. I wanted to finish the poem before I forgot my thoughts but it began to rain. Couldn’t get the iPhone wet. 😀 And voice recording helps! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this post.


  2. Nice shot and poem. I like thunderstorms. I like to watch and photograph arc lightning, and hear thunder. The sound of torrential downpour at night also helps me to sleep well.

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