The Great Escape Artist…I Got You This Time!

This lovely Heron (I think) is a crafty one. Each time I tried to photograph it, somehow it knew I was near. I am not sure if it is a male or a female… so I’ll just say it’s a she! Now that we cleared that up, on with the story.

The very first set of photos were not great so I didn’t post them thinking I would get a another chance to catch her by the pond resting or eating and most importantly ignoring me. Yeah… that was wishful thinking on my part! I got several chances since then but she just knew I was coming. There wasn’t an element of surprise.

I didn’t want to give up the pursuit but I think she even knew the make and model of my car and what I looked like, because she flew away as soon as she saw me turn the corner 20 yards away. You would think there were other people and cars going by making loud noises that caught her attention but no… it was just me.

So I decided to giver her the name… “The Great Evader”! I know it’s not a word… but it is now; at least for today! 😀

Oh, and she has relatives with the same traits…. Maybe next time!




15 thoughts on “The Great Escape Artist…I Got You This Time!

  1. Wonderful shots!! I’d wager that the first one is a male, and the second is female. That’s because in the animal kingdom, often it’s the males that are showier than the females, while the females will be drabber in color. SO not fair!! 🙂 They are herons too, as you thought. Beautiful creatures!!

  2. Wow! What a stunning shot! Lovely photo’s and yes, they are great evaders for sure but so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Great Blues truly are extremely skittish. You really have to sneak up on them like a wildlife ninja to get good close up shots of them, even with a long lense. These herons are so easily threatened by our presence. It is a challenge to photograph them adequately.

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