When Water Lily Blossoms Come With A Lesson

Today was a beautiful day for a walk so I drove out to the pond. I know, you thought I walked; I did but just a few blocks. Due to the radiating pain, I had to turn around and head for the car. I felt a bit defeated because it was only last week that I began to feel less pain but more importantly, I was able to walk to the pond on my own. Today was the first day I really thought of my situation. This time last year, I was able to walk 6 miles easily and now I can’t. I walked slowly across to the pond. I saw a father teaching his young daughter how to walk. It was such a beautiful scene that tears welled up in my eyes. I stood and watched for a while. I thought maybe I needed to take baby steps to recovery and stop putting so much pressure on myself. Who knew a little toddler and her father, who I have not had the pleasure of meeting, would be the teacher of today’s life cleanse lesson.

The above photo was taken while at the pond. Somehow I felt better after leaving the pond. As I started the car and headed for home, I began to smile to myself.




22 thoughts on “When Water Lily Blossoms Come With A Lesson

    • Thank you for stopping by! I am glad that I can be an inspiration to you. Baby steps… 🙂 Life will always throw a challenge or two your way, it is how they are handled that matters.

      Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Dear One Life, I’m relatively new to your blog so I don’t know why you are on a road to recovery or in so much pain, but the fact that you are on a road to recovery sounds encouraging. You see, one of my dear friends was diagnosed with ALS about a year ago and she could have made a similar statement comparing what she could physically accomplish last year at this time versus today. Unfortunately, in her case, there is no recovery ahead. I have really enjoyed reading your blog so far and love your spirit. It will take you far in life. And, I wish you a smooth, FULL, speedy recovery so you are walking all the way to the lake and back, pain-free, very soon.

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  3. Here’s a big cheer for you doing what you did! I’m enjoying reading how much you’ve accomplished. I cannot walk six miles at this time because of arthritis, maybe someday I will attempt to do so after reading your posting because it does just take small steps and time. Perseverance will carry a person a long way too. A pat on the back is better than a kick in the seat any day!!

    • Yes, I did take their photo but at the time decided to capture their moment, he was introducing her to the geese by the pond. I will post the photos as follow-ups to this post.

      Thanks for stopping by Irfan and sharing your thoughts on this post.

      Enjoy your day!!

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    • Hi there Hugr5! Thank you for visiting and welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by and enjoyed this post.

      I have been in pain for the past 6 months suffering from nerve damage in my leg and arm. I’m not really sure what caused this but I am in the process of having doctors poke, prod, X-ray, and MRI me. I am taking it all in stride at this point. My diagnosis is still in the air. Hopefully by the end of the month I will get a resolution.

      I will say it has been an interesting journey thus far. It led me back to photography and my life is much more balanced and less stressed now. I had a bit of spring cleaning to last year.

      Well that was the shortened version. 🙂 I hope that come by again sometime and feel free to leave comment or just to say hello! See you soon!


      • Yes, thanks for telling me. It is interesting how our physical selves creates “checks and balances” for us and how an injury can offer a chance for a mental housecleaning! I know this! Too often people give in to the pain, and indulge is self-pity, anger, etc. Good on you, for taking this as an opportunity…

        I love your profile picture. That’s a seagull, right? I am a huge fan of seagulls.

      • I can understand how that would feel. I had a fracture last month and my right had was mummified in a cast. Being a right handed guy it was very tough time for me. I managed to do things with my right hand. But I was feeling frustrated at times for not being able to do photography, bike riding and all the other stuff. Both riding and shooting are required for me to do street photography and I started to feel very bad. You seem to be handling tough situations way better than me. I think that’s awesome.

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