I’ve Captured Orange Sun Stars!

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I saw this beautiful flowering perennial while in the market buying fruit. I had not seen these in the florist section before. Hmmm… Should I? I strayed a bit from my pre-written list and bought them. Okay, I couldn’t resist their beauty… could you?

There wasn’t very much information online about these flowering perennials other than its binomial name is Ornithogalum Dubium and of the family Hyacinthaceae. These Sun Stars flowers are endemic of South Africa and have a variety of colors.

I know I don’t have green thumb, since I accidentally killed an ivy plant in college. Oops! I have gotten much better since then. I have had an aloe plant and a creeper since 2000. I hope my new Sun Star flowers will brighten my mornings for a long time to come.

For today’s photos, I have taken the liberty of creating an “artsy” version of these flowers as well a few unedited B&Ws and color photos. I hope that you will enjoy the slide show!



8 thoughts on “I’ve Captured Orange Sun Stars!

  1. I think I saw these at Whole Foods….they are beautiful! Love to treat myself to flowers when I can. Your photos are a gift to us all. I love the one with the white background, simply elegant!

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