City Commuter: A View From My Car

Today’s Photo: City Commuter


Hi everyone! Today’s photo was inspired by the song Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne. My best friend’s daughter loved this song! She would play it over and over in her room while we sat and caught up on old times. It was quite a catchy song. I hadn’t realized after hearing it so often, I learned the words.

I haven’t heard it for a while now. Maybe she’s moved on. Tweenagers! 🙂 Now that I think about it, she’s definitely moved on to whatever is new and “hot”! 😀

The original photo was taken in color but I decided to convert it to b&w. I tried to bring out the textures a bit more but since I am posting from my phone I am not sure how it translates on WordPress.

Enjoy your day and see you soon!



13 thoughts on “City Commuter: A View From My Car

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