Relaxation At Last: A View From My Car

Hello everyone!

I am officially back!!! Back from vacation in FLORIDA!!  Okay, so it wasn’t Miami or Orlando but Jacksonville is pretty cool. I have been a few times but not with a camera. A camera changes your perspective of everything. It was like visiting for the first time. Can you hear the Oohs and Awwhs… come closer to the monitor … Right there! 🙂

I had a great time relaxing and spending time with family! I really didn’t care where we went, just as long as we were together. Well enough with the mushy vacation sentiments, time to discuss my first of many A View From My Car photos.

I will now set the mood by telling you how rushed we were right before my niece’s graduation. There were 10 people in the family going to the graduation and 1 car. No matter how many ways you do the math, it doesn’t work. To add to matters, one of family members flew in 2 hours before the graduation. Thank goodness he rented a car! Now, you would think that solved the problem…well, not quite. We still needed to take my niece to graduation practice, pick up my parents at the hotel 20 miles in the opposite direction and then return home to get dress and drive 40 minutes to downtown Jacksonville; providing there isn’t any traffic or an accident; we will be just in time to be late.

On the way to the graduation, I just tried relax and at that moment…the Calgon take me away moment, I crossed this bridge and exhaled. All the rushing, the stress of getting to the graduation, just melted away….. I am so glad that I wasn’t driving!!!!



11 thoughts on “Relaxation At Last: A View From My Car

  1. I view vacation like a game the whole family can play. There are too many moving parts which invariably get lost or broken. Plans change by the minute. And when the kids were little, someone always got sick just before you leave. You a need vacation after vacation. Glad you had a great time. Happy graduation.

    • You are so right about vacations! I always seem to need a vacation after the vacation. The graduation was great! She’s still in shock that she can sleep in now. 😀 Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!!

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