A Little Bit of Sunshine

-Hi Everyone.

I thought I would post a few photos that have not had a chance to share that were taken in the beginning of July. This photo was taken in the parking lot across the street from my job. I think the owner really loves flowers and plants in general. He even planted a plum tree some time ago which is now bearing actual fruit!

I know I have not been posting as often as I once did. My goal was to post every day in July but that didn’t happen and I feel that I am not staying completely true to my mission for project 365 (or 366 if you consider that this is a leap year). I’ve been taking photos with either my Canon or my iPhone for most of the days that I did not post but I just don’t get time to post and share the stories behind them. Sometimes the story or sentiment behind the photo matters and actually makes the post more interesting. Just my opinion… and yes I did say “sometimes”. Although, I have seen many spectacular photos on WordPress where there wasn’t a charming tale or even a description and it didn’t make the photo any less powerful; in fact, it sometimes makes an even stronger piece. Now, that is wonderful thing about ART!

Stay tune for more photos… some with a story and maybe some without! 🙂




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