When It Is All Said and Done…

I have taken my final bite
Chewing slowly
A savory memory now
When it is all said and done
I am still the hungry one….


Approach to Life: Stay hungry for life and let passion fuel you.



7 thoughts on “When It Is All Said and Done…

  1. This is definitely a good one…motivating! One of y favorites so far. Yet I find myself asking, “what would I say to someone who doesn’t know what his/her passion is?”

    • Heather, thanks for visiting! It’s always pleasure when a reader/viewer asks such insightful questions. Well, I can tell you what I would say… If you feel like you don’t have a passison, start off with life itself. You only get one so why not live it to it’s fullest! And if that is what you are doing now, then you do have a passion. Wake up every morning with purpse and end your day with thanks. That takes passion! I hope this helps anyone who doubts they have passion. Thanks for stopping by!

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