The Evening Train to….

Hello Everyone!!

I realized I’ve been taking more photos each day but I am not getting enough time in the day to post them so, I find myself starting to play catch up. Man, I really need more hours in the day… One caveat… not when at work. 🙂 I do love what I do, I just love the idea of spending the day taking photographs of any and everything more. Unfortunately, something has to pay those bills and allow me to buy my first wide-angle lens.

I just made it home before the “big downpour” I kept hearing about on the radio. I was driving past the train station and noticed a train fly by. Hmm… now that would make a cool photo, I thought. So for this photo I had to get out of the car… therefore, no AVFMC* photo today.

This photo was my attempt to capture motion without a tripod and in the rain. I enhanced the color of the background to make the rain coming off the train more pronounced through the fog.

I hope that you enjoy today’s photo! See you soon.




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