The Stare… and the story

If the suspense is killing you, here’s the story behind the photo “The Stare”

All the events leading up to the closing of the shutter, began with homemade Cookie Dough Ice-cream!

It was a cloudy day and I was craving something sweet. I had few errands to do in town which led me to close to the vicinity of my favorite homemade ice-cream store. But before I could head to the store, I needed a bottle of water. Although it was a cloudy day, the humidity was out of control!

I parked by a nearby Bodega and ran inside for the water. Back to the air-conditioned car I went. As I approached the car, I see this fellow sitting on his step. Hmm, he wasn’t there before.. or was he? I would have noticed since my next thought was to take quick snap. Then I thought, should I take the shot? He may see me and question why I was photographing him; so I decided to get in the car and head to the ice-cream shop. I started the car with Cookie Dough Ice-cream on the brain…

Something made me pause and reevaluate the situation. It was his facial features and his body position that made me picture how the photo would look once I had taken it. I liked the way it looked in my head and now all I had to do was translate the image to a photo.

At first, I thought I should use my Canon but because of its size, it may draw his attention and I would no longer be inconspicuous. So, I chose to use my iPhone. He had lowered his head and was no longer facing me.  Perfect! I placed the phone in position. As I hit the shutter button, he raised his head to its original position and began to stare directly at me. He stood up. I became a bit nervous. As a friendly gesture, I smiled to sub-consciously thank him for allowing me to take his photo; which then seemed to put a smile on his face as well. Phew! The tension eased and my heartbeat went back to its normal pace.

It was time to go get some ice-cream! I deserved it!



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