It’s All About the Journey

Hello everyone!

It’s been 32 days since the new year began. You may be wondering… what is Onelifethislife up to these days… or maybe not. Well, for those of you who are, here’s the skinny…

The days of 2012 began with me driving down south to Atlanta. This has become somewhat of a tradition for my family. I had a great time however it was nearing the end of my vacation. Due travel complications and schedule changes, I found myself having to abort my original plans of driving home and taking Amtrak home.

It was now day 1 of 2013 and I was on my way home from Atlanta, Georgia via train. Just imagine 17 hours on a train with nothing to do to but soak up the view, read, sleep and potentially catching that dreadful flu that was rampantly infecting everyone. What was I thinking? All I can say is, it was an experience like no other. So what bought on this epiphany, you may ask?

It all started with the below photos…..

Mountain View


These two photos were photographed from the car (I know what you are thinking… I am always taking photos from the car); but these were somehow different. They evoked feelings like freedom… to find the unexpected, the beginning of an infinite journey to anywhere and everywhere but most of all, the determination to live with purpose every day because all of what I see here and now was created with purpose. And you say you got all that from these two photos?

Yes… For me, it’s all about the journey. When you look back at all that has occurred in your life, there are always memories (good and bad), lessons that will stay with you forever which ultimately shape your life and your journey ahead. My question is, does this journey of finding yourself really ever end?

Day 1 of this year, I decided that 2013 was the year of Discovery. What I mean is… This year is dedicated to discovering life…. through travel, food and all that’s in between. It’s another road of my journey to finding all there is to know about me. Sure I may already do this in small ways but I think it’s time I step it up a notch or leap or maybe to the point I’m in uncharted territory!  Why not?

What journeys will you be taking in 2013? Feel free to share!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!



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