Last Stop… Grand Cayman Islands

Hello OLTL Readers!!

After all the fun and touring of Mexico and Honduras, I was exhausted. I needed a little R&R… while on vacation. Imagine that! The hiking, sightseeing (mostly done on foot), swimming and even zip lining (in Mexico) was so much fun. I probably lost a few pounds, especially after eating the delicious cheesecake dessert I ordered from room service. There was not a dull moment in sight! But I needed to slow down a bit and just enjoy the remainder of the trip with my family and new friends.


Last sunrise of the trip!

Hunting For Food

Hunting for food

The Landmark Sign

Something about jewelry makes you smile…

Did I tell you I went to Hell and back?…. Really I did!!!

There is actually a village/town in Grand Cayman named Hell! It was named after the rock formations shown in the below photos. Now imagine getting a postcard from Hell mailed from their local post office!


Welcome to Hell… On Earth

Welcome to Hell

Take a closer look at the limestone rock formation from which Hell was named.

As a part of the sightseeing tour, we also toured the Dolphin Discovery Park, where you able to swim with the dolphins and learn about their natural habitats. Dolphins and porpoises have been my favorite mammals since I can remember. I couldn’t miss this!



I also met this little character below. I’m not sure if this was a male or female but he kept straying from his family to watch the dolphins and the tourists… or maybe just hunting for food.IMG_7442

All good things must come to an end and now it is time to go back to the ship and sail home…


I hope you have enjoyed the photos from my first cruise. Thanks for stopping by!!

And now back to our regular scheduled programming…. 🙂



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