Droplets Fall Into Darkness


Photo taken today after the thunderstorm.

I decided to experiment with the camera settings a bit to achieve the darkened background. I have seen this technique in other photos but I was not sure how to achieve it until yesterday. This photo was a happy accident replicated today.

Yesterday’s “Happy Accident”…. will be posted later today.

Enjoy … until then!



7 thoughts on “Droplets Fall Into Darkness

  1. Good work. It’s beautiful when you can use a polarized background to emphasize contrast and even colour; as you’ve done here, with a foreground subject. It even brings out the detail of the water droplets.

    When I create the effect artificially, I usually rely on a single unfiltered (no umbrella or soft box) off-camera flash unit at full power, like this shot:


    I will post that shot larger on my main blog soon.

    To do it without a strobe, I depend on bright, unfiltered (no cloud, fog or haze) sunlight coming in from just the right angle like this:


    and this:


    I love the effect. I have to discipline myself to avoid using it too often so that it doesn’t become tired.

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