View At 50mm…

Hello OLTL Readers!

I have had a 50mm f/1.8 lens for some time but I have not used it much. Unfortunately, during a photography portraiture class (on studio lighting) we were requested to do so, if we had one. In addition, we had to shoot in manual mode. Can you imagine my discomfort still being an amateur. Side note: This is currently the only prime lens I own. Normally, I shoot with zoom lenses. So, I jumped in and wholeheartedly tried the exercises. I was pleasantly surprised with the results with both my 50mm lens and the use of studio lighting! Hmmmm… going shopping for studio lighting? Definitely!!

A few days after the class, I decided to practice using the 50mm lens and these are some of the photos taken.


_MG_9917For the month of August, I will challenge myself to continue to use this lens in Manual mode.

Anyone else want in on the challenge? Be sure to let me know in the comments!




9 thoughts on “View At 50mm…

  1. Pictures shot with source of light at angle away from camera always have this 3D feel to them because of the dynamics of the shadow. It’s clearly evident in these shots. Nice…

  2. Nice! I love the lighting! I should probably take some workshops too, but the expense has been stopping me. However, I think In might reaching the limits of how much I can teach myself, so they might be worthwhile.

    I adore my 50mm lens! I use it for indoor pictures, pictures in low light, close ups of flowers and small animals (when I can get close enough)… By far my favorite lens these days.

  3. I can just imagine my heart racing if someone asked me to use a lens I was unfamiliar with AND shoot in manual mode {which I’m only just learning}. Good for you, accepting the challenge!
    I’ve never worked with studio light before, but it looks like fun!
    – alxandrialee @ the Wigwam Wife’s Life

  4. Prime lenses are the best, you will not regret it. I love experimenting with lights. Why yesterday when I took a photo my fiancee was questioning why I was using his flashlight to take a photo of flowers in a book when there was light from the window and I was using a light ring flash. I told him I would show him photos with and without and he finally realized how much atmosphere was added to that scene. The extra light source created interesting shadows and not harsh dark ones. I had the white curtains focusing most of the light which helped since we have wide window sills.

    It’s a great exercise to use your 50mm but if you don’t have studio lights, you can always improvise.

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