Unpublished Photos of Project365 2012

Hello to all the OLTL readers!

I know I have been gone for some time and not posting as often. During my blogging hiatus, I continued taking photos as often as possible. My work life kept me busier than normal which left little time for photography and blogging. So I thought I’d try to make up for lost time and post some of the unpublished photos of 2012*. I hope you enjoy them!

Much love,



Photo taken in while driving through New York.


Photo taken while driving to Atlanta, Georgia. I was fascinated by this beauty


Photo taken in while driving through New York. I love the structural look of bridges!


Somewhere in West Virginia…

*Note- I had so many photos to choose from…. expect a part 2, 3 or even part 4 of this collection. ūüôā
Thanks again for stopping by!!


Where Did Everyone Go?

Today’s Photos: Where Did Everyone Go?

These photos were inspired¬†by a love of “The Abandoned.” It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as forecasted; filled with sunshine and an¬†occasional warm breeze.¬†I went for a Continue reading

The Brick City Stroll (Part III)

Last week I took a “stroll” through Newark and found a few interesting buildings. The architectural designs of these building is amazing to view in person. They were constructed¬†with such detail and¬†durability.¬†I¬†enjoyed my brief stroll and will be back to feature¬†a few of the forgotten historical sites in this city.

If you are just joining the journey, I am afraid you have met us at the end… but you can ¬†surely view the stroll (or repeat the stroll, if you’d like) by clicking on the below links.

Brick City Stroll (Part I) and Brick City Stroll (Part II)

Without further adieu… I present the finale of The Brick City Stroll. Enjoy!

…And here is a large¬†stack¬†of bricks.¬†Maybe¬†the city has plans to build something new.



The Brick City Stroll (Part I)

I decided to take a stroll through the city of Newark¬†this afternoon.¬†By “stroll”¬†I really mean¬†a sightseeing drive.¬†It was a¬†beautiful day with a bit of a cool breeze.¬†I found this great abandoned building that was once was a varnishing company. I love the¬†architectural design of the building.¬†The factory¬†was built in¬†the 1800s and was owned¬†by Franklin Murphy. I am not trained in architectural design but I thought the design was very aesthetically¬†pleasing to the eye and had great lines and detail work. It simply begged to be photographed. So, I had to oblige. Continue reading

The Farm… On A Cloudy Day

I decided to take a quick ride over to where I discovered the cows this past weekend. I wanted to see if they had any friends grazing along with them. They were all there (even the one that moooned me) but no barnyard friends tagged along.¬†So I kept driving further down the road where¬†I found this farm. There was a stable on the land but there weren’t any horses anywhere. I was a bit bummed because do love horses. They are such elegant and graceful¬†creatures. Maybe on another occasion I’ll have an opportunity to photograph a few horses.

Well until tomorrow my friends, I bid you adieu!


This Is Not Gilligan’s Island!

Today’s Photo: Lost and Found: The SS Minnow (II)

I woke up this morning full of energy and ready to begin my weekend. I was dressed and had¬†eaten breakfast before 11 AM. That is definitely an accomplishment¬†on a weekend nonetheless! I love lazing around the house on weekends; well¬†unless I have important errands to run, then I’m up and out of the house by¬†9 AM.

I digressed… back to the story of my wonderful find. I drove past this shipwrecked boat ironically located on a¬†street named Fresh Pond Road. I had to do a double take.¬†Did I really see the SS Minnow?¬†Where am I? This is not Gilligan’s Island! The closest sight of the ocean is at least an hour away.

At that moment, the¬†childhood memories came flooding back of the television show¬†Gilligan’s Island . I remember watching the episodes (re-runs) over and over until the words were committed to memory. But I gotta say, it was that unforgettable theme song that I continued to sing long after the show ended. You know the words…

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
 A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship…

Yes, you can sing it if your heart tugs at you to do so. I won’t tell! My favorite part of the song was…

The ship set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle
With Gilligan
The Skipper too,
The millionaire and his wife,
The movie star
The professor and Mary Ann, Here on Gilligan’s Isle.

I loved the way they sang the line “The Movie Star”;¬† somehow it felt sultry and evoked a sense of star quality and of Old Hollywood.

Whoa… those childhood memories!! Okay, I did it again… back to today’s find. I love the way¬†nature has begun to invade the boat’s space. The tree limbs¬†are going in out of¬†its open spaces and becoming one with the boat. It probably was a beauty was a beauty in its day! I also¬†found¬†great humor in the sign that was strategically¬†hanging from the front of the boat… SS Minnow II. That should stop the passersby!¬†¬†But if you’re too young to remember Gilligan’s Island, maybe you would have not even of noticed the humor and irony of this former beauty.

Well, that’s¬†all folks! Until next time… We now return to your scheduled broadcast! ūüôā


Step Up… But Be Careful!

I have driven pass these steps for months¬†due to¬†the heavy traffic and lack of parking near this abandoned building on the corner. The entire street has either an auto body shop or¬†an auto parts store every few feet.¬†To make matters worse, the¬†resident’s cars¬†and the immobile cars¬†took the remaining spaces on the street which left¬†no room for me. But today was my lucky day! Someone was pulling out of a spot right in front of the building with the broken stairs.

Today’s Photo: I love the mix of faded and bright colors of the building’s exterior. But it was the stairs that drew me in.¬†The slow deterioration of the stairs¬†and the rust gives¬†the stairs¬†another dimension of color.¬†Enough talking already!¬†So without further ado… here is today’s photo!

Step Up... But Be Careful!


Yesterday, I went to on a scout which placed me further than anticipated.  I somehow found myself in Camden, NJ. The city of Camden is located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has quite an interesting story.

Not give a history lesson, but to my amazement, Camden was an economic and¬†transportation focal point for the nearby Philadelphia region prior to the 19th century. It was after the 19th century¬†that¬†Camden began to decline. There were riots¬†throughout the city and¬†as a result looters ran rampant and¬†buildings were¬†torched. These¬†remnants are still visible today. I was disheartened, to say the least, that such a vibrant economic city can now¬†feel so depressing and¬†lack¬†hope. Don’t get me wrong, there are areas of Camden¬†which are much¬†different from the photo I have shared. There are parts of¬†Camden that have¬†plenty¬†to offer but then there are other areas¬†that are in a¬†state of distress.

I intend on revisiting Camden to learn and see more of the city than I did on this trip. There is a wonderful Aquarium and the shipyard that I would like to visit during the next trip. For more photos of this trip, please check out my Flickr link!