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View At 50mm…

Hello OLTL Readers!

I have had a 50mm f/1.8 lens for some time but I have not used it much. Unfortunately, during a photography portraiture class (on studio lighting) we were requested to do so, if we had one. In addition, we had to shoot in manual mode. Can you imagine my discomfort still being an amateur. Side note: This is currently the only prime lens I own. Normally, I shoot with zoom lenses. So, I jumped in and wholeheartedly tried the exercises. I was pleasantly surprised with the results with both my 50mm lens and the use of studio lighting! Hmmmm… going shopping for studio lighting? Definitely!!

A few days after the class, I decided to practice using the 50mm lens and these are some of the photos taken.


_MG_9917For the month of August, I will challenge myself to continue to use this lens in Manual mode.

Anyone else want in on the challenge? Be sure to let me know in the comments!



Droplets Fall Into Darkness


Photo taken today after the thunderstorm.

I decided to experiment with the camera settings a bit to achieve the darkened background. I have seen this technique in other photos but I was not sure how to achieve it until yesterday. This photo was a happy accident replicated today.

Yesterday’s “Happy Accident”…. will be posted later today.

Enjoy … until then!



_MG_8878 Pattern1Patterns are everywhere; even in the most basic designs. This photo was taken of a beautiful wrought iron door shortly before sunset yesterday. I tried to capture the sunlight’s glow on the door as well as the approaching thunderstorm clouds.

I hope you enjoyed today’s photo! Please feel free to share your thoughts.


Visiting Honduras

Hello Everyone!!
While on our 7-day Carnival cruise, we stopped in Honduras for the day. I awoke at 6:30 am to get a photo of the sun rising. To my surprise it was extremely cloudy and clouds threatened an outpour of rain. I was a bit disappointed but the remainder of the day made up for that.  As we pulled into the port, we saw a partly sunken ship that must have been there for years. IMG_7025It was said that no one was allowed to snorkel in or around the ship without facing legal action as it was deemed a historical site.
After breakfast, the sun made an appearance but it still remained somewhat cloudy for most of the day. We visited an animal sanctuary and butterfly where I captured my favorite photos of the trip!
Honduras Exoctic Garden Flower After a Sprinkle

Shell Ginger Flower after the rain

Resting Butterfly - Honduras

The only butterfly to stay still long enough to be photographed.

Here's looking at you kid!

Hey, are you looking at me?

Pipe down! I'm trying to eat here, buddy!

                                               Wanna share my snack?

A Beautiful Macaw in Honduras

What a view from up here!!

Wanna Talk?

Knock Knock…



Visit my Flickr photostream for more photos taken in Honduras!!