Backyard Birdwatching With Onelifethislife

I’m back! I am really excited to share these photos from my nature walk. These were my favorite photos of the bunch… other than the butterfly photo posted yesterday. I hope that everyone enjoys them as much as I do! Oh, and by the way, these birds behaved like angels. Sorry Mr. Cow! 🙂

Bird Call

Hello Beautiful!

Lunch Time... Yum That Looks Delish!

The Watcher

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Perched: A View From My Car

Can you believe today is the last day of March? Time really flies! Soon it will be summer and before you know it, it’s December 31st and we’re counting down to our 2013 New Year celebratory “Happy New Year”! I know I am jumping ahead much too far and much too fast, but think about it….

This photo was taken Friday morning while I was on my way to work. Originally, it was a blue bird that caught my eye. Unfortunately, I was unable to photograph it before it flew away. Next time I will be prepared. As for these two little ones; they decided to hang out for bit just long enough for to take their photo.

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Got A Little Captain In You?

After a fun-filled 2 hours at the park yesterday, I realized I took over 340 photos.That means I have enough photos for the rest of the year! I can complete my Project 365 (plus 1 day for leap year) and not have to take anymore photos. Whoohoo!

Just kidding! I wouldn’t do that. There’s no fun in doing that; is there? Okay, you may see few as extra posts here and there from yesterday but I will definitely continue scouting and shooting new photographs.

Today’s Photo

Today’s photo was taken yesterday. I really love the beauty and texture of the bird’s feathers and of course his stance. I don’t know why but my first thought when I saw this beautiful bird was the Captain Morgan commercial

Got A Little Captain In You?

I hope that you enjoy both the photo and the commercial!

You Snooze You Lose

I was really excited to go out and take advantage of what I thought was another warm winter day. As beautiful as it looked outside this morning, it was actually a bone-chilling 19 degrees. The excitement began to wane but I was determined not let that completely discourage me. I got in the car and just drove. Normally, I don’t plan my scouting destinations. It’s more fun to just accidently find the location.

After a 20 minute ride, I ended up at a park by the water. I spotted a flock of birds sitting on the railing. Perfect… this will be today’s location! I quickly got out of the car and turned on the camera. You would not believe what happened next! The message flashed before my eyes… NO CARD IN CAMERA. I am sure you could imagine my dismay. I just learned the first rule in photography; ensure you have additional memory cards. At that very moment my heart sank. I had left the memory card in my computer.

Okay, the feeling of all-has-been-lost only lasted for a minute or two until I thought of a great idea. Go the nearest Best Buy! Since I couldn’t tell the last time a saw an actual Camera store anywhere.; that was my best bet. So back into the car and to Best Buy I went with the assistance of my iPhone and GPS. What would I ever do without technology? I’ll save that for another post.

On the way back to the park, I thought, ” Am I really going to find this place again?” I had no idea how I got there in the first place because I didn’t use the GPS to get there. I was so excited I also didn’t take note of any of the street names. Luckily, my memory served me well today.

As I put the new memory card into the camera a flock of birds swooped into the water and began what resembled a fight. I wasn’t sure what they were up to but I wanted to capture all the hoopla. And I did!

It wasn’t  until I viewed the photo on my computer that I realized they were fighting for fish! Now, I feel vindicated! I got a back-up memory card and I got the shot! Whoohoo!

Nature Was Kind To Me Today

Photos 15 of 365


I know it’s the season of winter but it was extremely cold outside. I had on my full winter get-up which is only reserved for snow days. I must have been outside for 10 minutes and my ten little fingers felt like they were going to be ten icicles. After a while I could no longer feel them. I managed to force myself to  think of warm thoughts that included hot chocolate with marshmallows and my homemade pumpkin spice mini donuts I made for breakfast. Originally, I contemplated not leaving the house… hence the donuts (more to come on that subject in a new post) but I am happy I did.

It was really hard to choose just one photo so I created a photo gallery. I had no idea that I took 197 photos for the day. Well  the other 189 photos will have to wait for another day to be posted. Sorry guys!

Today’s photos were taken during my quick drive/mini-stroll in the park. Nature was kind to me today… well minus the frozen fingers! All the little animals came to play for the camera. It was almost as if they all wanted their 15 minutes of fame.

To you my friends… I give you the Johnson Park Stroll


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